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October 14 2017

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hey straight people if an lgbt+ person asks you not to call them queer dont call them queer

Even lgbt+ people, if another person in the community asks you not to call them queer, don’t call them queer. Just because you’re ok with the word doesn’t mean everyone else in the community is so just be respectful

hey reblog this version its important

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Wish I bought tickets for Coachella this year. The lineup looks sick.


Why I get in my bed and try to find the seatbelt

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Dog does not understand

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Don’t think any of my followers are German nor do I think my followers actually exist, but spreading for visibility anyways

This is actually a fairly common practice for fascists. Never tear down their propaganda with your bare hands, always use a pocket knife or something

Yeah this has been happening in America too, if you can then I recommend bringing your own anti-nazi stickers to put over the nazi ones

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The other thing about the word “queer” is that almost everyone I’ve seen opposed to it have been cis, binary gays and lesbians. Not wanting it applied to yourself is fine, but I think people underestimate the appeal of vague, inclusive terminology when they already have language to easily and non-invasively describe themselves.

Saying “I’m gay/lesbian/bi” is pretty simple. Just about everyone knows what you mean, and you quickly establish yourself as a member of a community. Saying “I’m a trans nonbinary bi woman who’s celibate due to dysphoria and possibly on the ace spectrum”… not so much. You’re lucky to find anyone who understands even half of that, and explaining it requires revealing a ton of personal information. The appeal of “queer” is being able to identify yourself without profiling yourself. It’s welcoming and functional terminology to those who do not have the luxury of simplified language and occupy complicated identities. *That’s* why people use it - there are currently not alternatives to express the same sentiment.

It’s not people “oppressing themselves” or naively and irresponsibly using a word with loaded history. It’s easy to dismiss it as bad or unnecessary if you already have the luxury of language to comfortably describe yourself.


if u have pets, reblog this what u call them besides their name

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The very centre of my left boob hurts, but only when I touch it or lean against it. I can’t feel a lump but boobs are already very lumpy creatures with all those glands and mamaries so I dunno if I’d know the difference.

Now is it sensitive because {insert serious or moderate problem that requires a doctor} or because I sometimes lay on my front when I sleep?

October 13 2017

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Some spoopy wall papers for fall/Halloween :)



drinking milk straight out of the jug.. so fresh… almost like drinking milk straight out of the udder




the bit in symphony of the night were dracula throws his wine glass except a roomba comes in and cleans up the shards

here you go,


Tbh I think my favourite character in LotR is that one ent whose hair catches on fire, so he dips it in the water when the dam breaks

Gets me every time









I know it’s illegal but whenever I get antibiotics from the doctor I save a few and give them to friends or coworkers who don’t have insurance so that when cold season comes they might be able to shorten their illness

That is not good- that’s not quite how antibiotics work.

Antibiotics kill some bacteria, but don’t manage to kill other bacteria. Just like when you get a particular sickness (or a vaccination), your body can protect you from future infections, any bacteria that came into contact with the antibiotic is protected from future doses of that antibiotic. Bacteria are very virulent breeders, so they spawn more resistant bacteria.

If you take the full dose of antibiotics, your natural antibodies can deal with the cells that are resistant while the medicine kills off the bacteria that isn’t resistant. If you don’t take the full course of antibiotics, then your body has to deal with both the resistant and the non-resistant strains of bacteria, and it can become overwhelming. Also, most bacteria are able to pass on genes between still-living cells, so that previously non-resistant strains become resistant, and you have inadvertently cultivated a stronger strain of bacteria.

Furthermore, colds and the flu are viral infections, so antibiotics don’t work against them anyway. The best protection against viral infections are vaccinations, as there are not many viruses that we have developed anti-viral medication against, once you already have the disease. If there are anti-viral medications, it is even more important that you take the full dose of the medication, because anti-viral medication is even harsher against the body than antibacterial medication is.

How antibiotics work

How antiviral medication works

Spread this around; antibiotics are not candy

To put it shortly: antibiotics don’t do shit for the cold. You need to take the entire bottle that is prescribed to you. People not doing that is how antibiotic resistant infections crop up. People like OP are literally why diseases like MRSA exist.

OP shouldn’t feel bad about good intentions but this is really dangerous. There’s also the risk that your friends are allergic to the specific type of antibiotics you give them.

things that a better-off person can do for their sick less-well-off friends that don’t involve breeding superbacteria through misue of antibiotics:

  • Buy them cold medicine 
  • Buy them cough drops
  • Buy them fancy tissues with lotion
  • Make them too much soup to eat in one go and freeze half for later
  • Find them a low-cost clinic and accompany them there
  • Tell them you are giving them their day’s wages and they are staying home Friday/Monday and then do.
  • Go to their house. Wash the dishes, take out the garbage, walk the dog, scoop the cat or just plain change the whole litter box, clean the bathtub and mom voice them until they take a hot shower or steam their head.
  • if they have asthma or bronchitis and are out of inhaler but you have a half-full one, that is a thing you can sanitize and share.
  • ditto palliative prescription medication like “I have half a bottle of lidocaine gargle, you want it?” “I am bringing you the rest of my Robitussin with codeine” “here harvest some ibuprofen from my giant bottle of 1,000 ibuprofen”

I feel like some of this should have been covered in high school health class. It would do a lot to combat misuse of antibiotics. Superbacteria is really dangerous for everyone but is particularly bad for people with multiple antibiotic allergies and will lead to hospital stays for IV antibiotics of kinds they can take.

PLEASE for fuck’s sake don’t distribute “a few” antibiotics randomly to people for COLD! Good intentions, very, VERY bad idea. Also, FINISH ALL antibiotics prescribed for you, you are fucking everything up by not doing this!!!

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It’s that time of the year again! 💀

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But let’s pick out all the assumptions here. We’re assuming that a mother can’t have a job or a calling other than motherhood. We’re assuming that every woman is capable of not only bearing children but of bearing six children. We’re assuming that six children is somehow the ideal number of children (otherwise, why not shoot for the stars and aim for 99 scientists?). We’re assuming that all six of those children are male, since female children would likely face the exact same question. We’re assuming that all six of those male children will have the mental capacity and the material support to pursue a scientific career. We’re assuming that these children will all WANT to pursue a scientific career. We’re assuming that the job market these children will face will accommodate all six scientists. We’re assuming that six scientists are necessarily and qualitatively superior to one scientist.

It’s almost like treating women as a mere means of producing other human beings is not only morally repugnant but also intellectually bankrupt.

When I see bullshit like this I immediately feel an urgent need to break someone’s face.

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October 11 2017



“money can’t buy happiness” is such a baby boomer concept like…. I don’t want excessive wealth to buy a golf plated toilet seat Karen, I just wish I wasn’t crying because I can’t afford both spaghetti and rent after working 40 hours a week

Looking at the notes I guess y'all are poor too huh

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